Dog Dental Care and Scaling, Dog Dental Care and Scaling Service

Dog Dental Care and Scaling

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Dental care is very important in a Dog´s life. Normally the Dog needs to be brushed regularly after attaining an age of approximately 3 month. If the Dog is not brushed from that age he is reluctant to get brushed as he grows up.

Doggy World use sophisticated machines for dental care. Specially trained veterinary dentists take care of the Dog´s oral and care.

Studies reveal that a dog with healthy teeth live longer compared to one with dental problems. For dental care we offer facilities like-

» Brushing: routinely done to remove any depositions and for fresh smelling mouth
» Scaling: done by ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar. Once plaque or tartar is formed it cannot be removed by normal brushing. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to pyorrhea, gingivitis, stomatitis etc. All these may lead to dental loosening and tooth decay.
» Polishing: mechanical polishers are used to polish the teeth to add the aesthetic and hygienic beauty.
In this way we ensure the strongest and whitest teeth with good oral hygiene!