Dog Medicine is Dispensed, Dog Medicine is Dispensed Service

Dog Medicine is Dispensed

Veterinarian Clinic

All veterinary prescription medicines can be obtained from Doggy World´s in-house medicine shop.

» Dog Shop:
Doggy world has a complete Dog shop providing a wide range of accessories (chains, leashes, collars, flex leashes, choke chains, show leads etc.) cosmetics (shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, gels, powders, sprays, grooming gels etc.) treats (biscuits, chews, bones, soft treats, chicken jelly etc.) grooming items (brushes, combs, sleekers etc.) all brands of dog food (Royal canin, pedigree, Eukanuba, Canobits, Sabor and vida, Meradog, Classic, NutriDog, Propac, ProDog etc.). Doggy world also provide facility for customized dog tags with his names, owner details etc. in various shapes and sizes. Different summer and winter dresses and beddings are also available to pamper your Dogs.

Through a vast range of good breeders high quality disease free pups are made available to the interested owners.

» Grooming Parlour:
Doggy world has an exclusive dog grooming parlour having all modern facilities and gazettes to make your dog beautiful, smart and healthy. The parlour is having the facility for specialized bath, pedicure, manicure, body massage, colouring and specialized hair cutting. It is one of the very few centers in India providing such high class and sophisticated facilities.

Special attraction is the dog sauna bath that makes your dogs bathing experience really exciting. Doggy World is the only center in Delhi proving sauna bath facility.

The grooming is done by well trained groomers who have perfection in the art of handling the dogs.

Doggy World also runs various grooming packages like Head to Toe service, Relaxing service, Birthday specials apart from the normal baths, fungal baths, herbal bath, anti tick bath, conditioner bath etc. The packages can be taken on one time, half yearly or annual basis. The grooming package keeps your dog in perfect shape and you are away from the hassle of doing these tiring activities at home.

» Dog boarding:
Doggy World provides boarding facilities where your loved ones live in the homely environment. So when you are enjoying your holidays your dog also enjoys its outing.

Affectionate and fully trained handlers are also available round the clock to keep your Dogs safe, well groomed and clean. Here the Dogs are not tied up in small cages. They are allowed to rest in their separate cabins and let loose to play and roam around the whole place.

The place is well ventilated, clean and totally hygienic. It is centrally air conditioned to keep the Dogs in comfortable temperatures.

Boarding is visited regularly by the veterinarian to evaluate the overall health of the dog.

Diet and walk schedules are followed as per the Dog´s regular routine so that no undue stress is levied on the Dogs.

» Dog Training
Professional trainers are available on our panel that trains the dogs according to the needs of the owner. They regularly visit your place and train the Dogs in the presence of the owner which ensures that the dogs are trained in a loving manner and not by scolding or beating them.

Trainers regularly update the owners about the progress on the training of their Dogs and how the commands could be successfully given to the Dogs. In this way the Dog is better trained and follow the commands of the owner and not only of the trainers.

Different types of training:
» Puppy training
» House breaking
» Obedience
» Advance Training