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Pathology/Diagnostic Facilities

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Timely and speedy diagnosis is the key to fast recovery. Doggy World has most sophisticated fully automatic diagnostic machines that ensure accurate and timely diagnosis. We have Idexx machines for hematology and biochemistry.

» Blood and urine examination: Doggy World has all the facilities needed for the disease diagnosis. We believe in proper and speedy diagnosis prior to treatment. To ensure the same we have facilities for the results within minutes.

We have facilities for complete blood count, blood biochemistry for blood sugar, liver and kidney profile, microscopic skin exam & microscopic study of blood smears for protozoa, urine analysis and faecal examination.

» Radiography/ ultrasonography : Doggy world has X ray facility for all bone and soft tissue examination. High Resolution digital X-ray on latest technology machines are done with immediate reporting facilities. Ultrasonography is performed in house by expert hands with immediate rectification of the problem.