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Doggy World

Doggy World is an exclusive centre catering to all your doggy needs under one roof. Doggy world is run by highly experienced and qualified veterinarians and paramedical staff under the able guidance of Dr. Aradhana Pandey, specialist in canine clinical medicine, Dog grooming, Dog nutrition and behaviour.

Doggy World is situated in Rohini, Delhi, and is one of its kinds in whole India catering to all needs of dog at a single point. Doggy world has a well-equipped clinic, operation theatre, Dog grooming parlour, Dog shop. Doggy world provides high quality treatment of dogs, caters to their beauty, lifestyle, fun and nutritional needs. The centre also provides training facilities, boarding and stud facilities. Highly pedigreed pups can be purchased and homeless dogs can be adopted through Doggy World.

The clinic ensures high recovery rate. During treatment the handling of Dogs is done is most lovingly and humane manner. The most modern diagnostic facilities are available for precise diagnosis. Doggy World has specialized surgeons to correct various surgical ailments. A well-equipped operation theatre is available to perform surgery in most hygienic and scientific manner.