Dog Dermatology - Skin Care, Dog Dermatology - Skin Care Service

Dog Dermatology - Skin Care

Veterinarian Clinic

Doggy World takes special care of the Dogs coat condition as we feel it is the reflections of the Dog´s health. For the same we take care of the Dog´s skin both from infection, hygiene and beauty point of view. Doggy world offers a full range of dermatology care for your Dog such as:

» Microscopic exam of skin scrapings for mange infection.
» Diagnosis and Treatment of bacterial, fungal, parasitic and mixed infections
» Allergy management & management of atopic dermatitis
» Beauty packages for healthy and glowing skin
          » Sauna bath for deep cleansing and knotting removal
          » Antidandruff treatment for removal of skin scabs
          » Conditioning bath for hair softening
          » Massage for glowing skin and soft hair coat